Research Articles

The following articles are the result of publication by our faculty and staff at the NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center and NYU School of Medicine.

Orrin Devinsky, MD

Ruben Kuzniecky, MD

Chad Carlson, MD

Jacqueline French, MD

Josiane LaJoie, MD

Daniel Luciano, MD

Daniel Miles, MD

Siddhu Nadkarni, MD

Souhel Najjar, MD

Steven Pacia, MD

Alcibiades Rodriguez, MD

Anuradha Singh, MD

Blanca Vazquez, MD

Werner Doyle, MD

Howard Weiner, MD

William Barr, PhD

Chris Morrison, PhD

William MacAllister, PhD

Nandor Ludvig, M,D., Ph.D.

Thomas Thesen, Ph.D.