Clinical Trials

The NYU Comprehensive Epilepsy Center Clinical Trials Department has been participating in clinical drug trials sponsored by various pharmaceutical companies for over 14 years. Dr. Blanca Vazquez, Director of Clinical Trials and Co-Director Dr. Jacqueline French have participated in over 100 multi–center protocols for both partial and generalized epilepsy. We offer patients who qualify, voluntary participation in clinical trials and access to new, anti-epileptic drugs (AED's) before they are marketed still being studied in clinical trials. Studies for both adults and children with epilepsy are conducted. Patients are screened for eligibility according to each trial's criteria by the physician along with the Nurse Research Coordinators, Maria Hopkins, R.N, and Kimberly Phelps, RN. and if appropriate and willing are enrolled into the trial. Clinical Trials patients are seen regularly by the Research Staff to assess safety and efficacy of the drug or treatment being studied.

For more information on studies currently open for enrollment, please contact the Office of Clinical Trials at 646-558-0842