Neuropsychology Service

The Neuropsychology Service provides a range of services to adults and children receiving treatment at the Comprehensive Epilepsy Center. Services for adults with epilepsy include neuropsychological testing and a group-oriented approach to memory treatment. Information from standardized testing helps identify difficulties in cognition and/or behavior that might influence a patient's diagnosis and treatment. Pediatric services include assessment of cognitive and behavioral disorders related to epilepsy, in addition to evaluations of learning and communication issues relevant to performance in a school setting.

Neuropsychological testing also provides detailed information for adults and children who are considered surgical candidates. The test results will help determine strengths and weaknesses and provide a baseline to measure postsurgical functioning. Members of the neuropsychology service also perform a range of specialized procedures for surgical candidates, including the Wada Test (link to wada test in “testings and services”) and Brain Mapping (link to brain mapping in “testings and services”) of language zones. All of these services are offered in both English and Spanish.

Other Clinical Services
The Neuropsychology Service welcomes referrals from neurologists, psychiatrists, and other medical professionals from NYU Langone Medical Center and the community at large. All of our staff neuropsychologists have extensive training in neuropsychological assessment of a variety and are board certified through the American Board of Clinical Neuropsychology.

Services are provided to patients receiving treatment through this center’s Cognitive Neurology Program. These include neuropsychological testing of memory disorders, dementia, and other neurobehavioral syndromes. Our adult neuropsychologists accept referrals from the community for evaluation of similar issues. Specialized services involving forensic evaluations and assessment of sports concussion are also available. Our pediatric specialist also accepts referrals from local schools and pediatricians, for assessment of language, learning, and attention deficits in children.